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[26 Jul 2007|12:36am]
[ mood | good ]

hey everyone,

its been a long time since i typed in this thing. for those of you who don't know i will be moving to chicago september 1st. though i will miss alot of people in michigan it should be fun. but man i can't complain about the bad ass michigan weather latly though, and the sunsets are amazing. so go check um out. also i lost my phone number so people want to email me there number to stupidseantc@yahoo.com or call me at 616-293-1992 we can chill or something before i leave/ when i move to chicago.

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everyone come to the bathtub shitter show this monday at the daac. bands will start at 7.45.
Bathtub shitter (insane grind from JAPAN!!!!!!)
Hombrinus dudes (1st show in grand rapids in a LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG time, to long)
Putrid warrior (mem of morihei ueshiba)
plus one more
5 bux
at the daac.
this monday.
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SHOW THIS FRIDAY [01 Oct 2006|07:32pm]
This friday the return of the all mighty
Syzlack (heavy stoner metal/ crust)
Plus Condenada
Anti Social
and maybe Vilently ill
at 811 veto street
grand rapids michigan.

starts around 5 so get there and hang out and such.
5 dollars for the bands from chicago and philly.
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SKATEBOARD PUNX [28 Aug 2006|03:37pm]
we are going to be hitting up the uhal on alpine (aka the best bank spot in grand rapids) on wens. i think around 2 or 3. if you need a ride i think i am stopping at the punx before profits house 811 veto before alpine. come see me fall on my ass.
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awarmgun? [06 Aug 2006|11:04pm]
so, i think awarmgun is playing at the library this tues. if someone could conferm this that would be awesome. ryan, rusty, mark, and i plus more (if you want a ride just leave a comment or call me, i left my number a few entrys back) are going down early to skateboard/swim so if some grand haven locals would like to meet us that would rule. that is all.
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ride for the show tommorow [31 Jul 2006|11:33pm]
if anyone needs a ride for the show tommorow in fruitport give me a call 874-6990 or if that doesn't work, 293-1992. i have some room i want everyone to come. no excuses.
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show last night [29 Jul 2006|01:38pm]
[ mood | its warm outside ]

it was nice going to a show in grand rapids i haven't been to one in awhile. after seeing lansing again i needed some fun.

FUCK THIS- was just what i needed. so awesome to see a band like that in grand rapids again. super pissed fast punk. it really took me back to why i started going to shows. so much fun. they are playing in fruitport either tues or at the awarmgun show. who has got the info the the awarmgun show?

ANS- i love those dudes, super fun. this is my third time seeing um and i like um more and more everytime i see them. plus the after show skate session at the goodwill banks and the trip to big boys ruled. seriously one of the best bands playing hardcore right now.

RUNNAMUCKS- really awesome, i really liked those guys alot, they ripped. they play fast hardcore punk w/ and RNR influence to it.

i really enjoyed the whole show and really enjoyed everyone who came. ryan and fuck this said some really awesome things, seriously this band is awesome. can't wait to see what comes out of this band.

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I made it through debate camp [22 Jul 2006|10:53am]
back from lansing, couldn't be more happy. i learned alot but i hated it so much.

in other news
-rusty, my brother, and i went to see clerks II where we ran in to metal joe. i haven't seen him in awhile so it was cool to run into him at clerks II which is so funny.

-upcoming shows

1) july 27
red wizard (female fronted sludge) in lansing at the 419 sheperd house. i am going if you want a ride.

2) july 28
runnamucks (awesome punk on sixweeksrex from florida)
ans (skate punk from TX)
fuck this (grand rapids new oldskool hardcore, first show. mems of i object and hombrinus dudes)
7.00 at the daac

3) august 1
bafabegiya (honest sxe hardcore from reno)
both blind (punk from reno)
ashdance (catchy punk from west michigan)
+1 0r 2 more
at the fruitport library
bands at 7.30 doors around 6.

today i am off to go find a second job.
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debate camp [12 Jul 2006|12:41pm]
[ mood | the little smilie faces suck ]

i am at debate camp right now. to give you an idea of what it is like

8-9 breakfast
9-12 lectures or lab (research)
12-1 lunch
1-5 lab (research)
5-6.30 dinner
6.30- 10 lab
after that my manditory reflection in which i say FUCK debate and why am i here. i also have been reading alot of non debate related books which is good. my roomate doesn't say a word when he is in the room. i had my alarm set to eyehategod today and i slept through all 4 minutes of the first song finally he came and woke me up. it was so loud and so funny. this kid is from middleville michigan so he listens to country and i blast eyehategod in the morning. also for those of you who think i am insane for going to this. i probably am or will be but there are people that come not just for 2 weeks but for 4 weeks. plus there is this one kid who went to 2 4 week camps. there are people here from california too. pretty crazy. anyway.
fuck research. fuck debate kids. fuck debate.
they set this boundrys from which i am suspose to stay in. my bike and i know no boundrys. so glad i brought a bike. if you ever are considering bringing your bike anywhere and you have the room for it. do so you will not regret it.

bummed about missing merkit and the sweet shows but go to them. also august first bafabegiya returns more info to follow.

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1/2 through this month adventure [08 Jul 2006|10:59am]
[ mood | tired ]

i am now sitting at my home for the first time in 2 weeks for 32 hrs then i am of to lansing. i went out to denver to see my extended family and it was alot of fun. denver is a weird city SUV capital of the world. but seeing my little cosins was fun. then we drove to pine ridge south dakota were we lived on reservation for a week and built a few bunk beds for some people in need. i also learned aton about the culture, more then any book could ever begin to teach me. the oglala lakota people are amazing. some of the people i was grouped with not so amazing. but the oglala lakota people are such positive people in such a negitive position. danced in a pow wow with my new friend lakota elder kelly looking horse. i also bought a cerimonial drum off of him for an amazing cheap price. he hand carves these things out of cotton wood. it was amazing. if you want to here more about my experiance write me a letter and i will write back.
sean kelly
6669 egypt valley
rockford, mi 49341

if you ask me in person you probably won't get the full details but i can tell you alot. after today i am off for two weeks at the sdi spartan debate institute. hopefully it doesn't suck. bummed i am missing some shows but it happens.

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teeth suck [13 Jun 2006|01:31pm]
[ mood | hurtING ]

so i had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday along with two titanium post for implants. i have a total of 8 stitches in my mouth and it hurts so bad. i really wanted to go to the show today but am in way to much pain. not even the vicodin phases me. i have no idea how i am going to thrash on thurs and saterday but it will happen.

in other news i have been reading american hardcore. i really don't like the way the author says hardcore has died in 86' blah blah blah there is alot of really good information in. most of it is quotes that he put together. After and during reading this book i have gotten into all the old punk that got me started, black flag, circle jerks, minor threat, bad brains the essencials.
also some shows this week.

today the one at the fruitport library

russian circles
at the daac 7 bux i think

insect warfare (old school grind from TX, INTENSE)
hatred surge (alex from MGR solo project with mems of insect warfare filling in one man can't play drums bass gutair and vocals come on.)
xbrainiax (powerviolence)
morihei ueshiba (bass and drum with a surpirise cover that most of you probably wont know)
xdogipilex (old style hardcore)
at the daac doors at 7, starts at 8
5 bux

limpwrist in chiago (sold out i think)
magrudergrind in lansing

morihei ueshiba (probably a different cover that you all should know)
last act of man (raw grindcore from the east side of michigan)
low life? (scum punk from muskeagon)
putrid warrior (grind metal from rockford)
5 bux
at the daac doors at 7, starts at 8

cattle decapitation
misery index
plus more at skelletones
10 dollars :(

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shows and shit [16 May 2006|08:53pm]
hey dudes. long time no update.

well not much is going on more then shows and speaking of shows...

there are some fucking amazing shows coming up.

FLAK (raging hardcore from pennsylvania)
xbrainiax (fast, fun.)
this saterday at shipwreck music. on lake drive in grand rapids. for more info ask me.
it starts @ 2 BE THERE.
and non other then

june 1
MIND OF ASIAN (all female punishing fast hardcore from TOKYO JAPAN)
i accuse (thrashcore from detroit)
starts at 7-8
5 dollars
this is will probably be your only chance to see mind of asian, if you want a copy of there 7in and some comp tracks tell me in this and come to the show on saterday and i will have them. please bring a tape though i am really low on tapes (i have none now). in the states and even if you haven't heard them they are fucking amazing i promise you. DON"T MISS THIS.

also i know gas money is expensive, this is a problem for not only people coming to the shows but for touring. we need to suport these bands even at our own expense, i know it is expensive but we shouldn't let gas prices but a damper on DIY PUNK. in michigan we have a 10 cent bottle deposit. find some cans return um and come have fun. also i understand if you can't pay the full amount one time but it really helps if the times you have money you give a little more. that is how the shows should work. aventually you will be even. but if you are short one day and just pay the minimum price next you are still negitive balance. so pay more and support these bands.
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worst day. [25 Apr 2006|04:31pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

today is already one of the worse days ever and i haven't even been to work yet. fuck.

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MICHIGAN MELTDOWN CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!! [11 Apr 2006|05:27pm]
[ mood | BUMMED ]

i regret to tell you all the Black Market Fetus will not be playing, but fret no more becuase non other then INFEST will be reuniting for this one show.

JK. i wish though. really i do. but Black Market Fetus can't make it. they are all broke as shit from their europe tour and can't afford to come out here for one show. bummer. no one will be taking their place. the show was packed to full so this will give it some breathing room.

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[11 Apr 2006|03:43pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

so as i rode in to work (on my new awesome bike) i saw 2 dudes skateboarding on the curb by my work and realized how much of a putz i felt like becuase i am on my way to work on such a nice day and they are out skateboarding...SHIT. oh well its the nature of the beast.

someone talked to my class about happiness and he said the best feeling in the world was not happiness but was to feel content. i asked him what the word content is and he said is was the feeling of feeling their is nothing to be changed, just to be satisfied in all aspects of your life. shit man i hope i never feel content. i don't think i will ever be satisfied if you are going to be content you mine as well be dead.

i feel a new set of lyrics coming on.

also usually today is when i go in to the little town of rockford and go to the post office, the local coffee shop and read and take piano lessons. i went to the coffee shop and sure enough after a few minutes the cops come in. first time i have ever seen them their. i had to get out of their so now i am now at the library. i am about to go on a walk now becuase it is way to nice outside to stay in.

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[ mood | tired ]

april 14th
@ 6 at the fruitport libaray basement
the offbeats
tough shit

april 15th
Mercury Radio Theater
North Lincoln
Phoenix Bodies
Holy Mountain
Man At Arms
Russian Circles
If He Dies, He Dies
Victor! Fix The Sun
DOORS @ 5pm

April 22nd
at the daac 8 dollars
doors at 3 bands at 4
black market fetus
disease called man
spoonful of vicodin
weekend nachos
hombrinus dudes
morihei ueshiba
sadistic slaughter

april 23rd
the guy that did the special effects and make up for night of the living dead is speaking at grandville some where. it is 3 bux. more info later

april 23rd
the body (doom style metal from rhode island) http://www.myspace.com/thebodyoncorleone
gr scum http://www.myspace.com/grscum
chugger http://www.myspace.com/chuggerband
plus one more
at the daac 8pm, 5 bux

April 24th
Acts of sedition (ca) (hardcore punk)
blackbirds (detroit area)
cupid stunt
@the daac
5 bucks. starts at 7.30

(my birthday)

May 11
ANS (awesome skateboard hardcore from texas) www.myspace.com/ans
hombrinus dudes (record release )
@shipwreck music
1509 lake drive
at 7, bands at 8

May 20
F.L.A.K (raging hardcore punk from pittsburg)
Dead radical (super fast hardcore from scranton pennsylvania) http://www.myspace.com/deadradical
xbrainiax (Q: blast beats, A: blast beats)
at shipwreck music
1509 lake drive
at 7, bands at 8

may 23
SUNN (0))) (distorted noise on southern lord recs, their shows are so loud that you feel the vibrations and get intranced. seriously)
there is also one of the guys art shows that day too.
at the UICA starts at 8
10 bux in advance, 12 at the door.

JUNE 15th
Insect warfare (old school grinders, best new shit out their on 625 thrash) www.myspace.com/insectwarfare
morihei ueshiba (bass and drum, take no prisioners grindcore)
xbrainiax (death to trekkies? i think so)
at shipwreck music
1509 lake drive
at 7 bands at 8

June 17th
Mesrine (X dahmer, total fuckin grindcore www.mesrinegrind.com)
Magrudergrind (eastcoast powerviolence attack)
last act of man (members of xbrainiax, raw grindcore from the east side)
morihei ueshiba (bass and drum poser destruction squad)
panacea (dual gutair thrash attack from the lake side)
at the daac. doors at 7, bands at 8. 5 bux

june 26
Iorn lung (blastin powerviolence from the west coast)
plus more give me a break it is more then 2 months in advance.

@the daac probably.

hope you all enjoy and come to shows. they are fun. this took me way to long to do.

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This is the end my friend, Satan's coming 'round the bend [07 Apr 2006|04:50pm]
[ mood | good ]

well i am back from my east coast trip and it was awesome. as far as schools go i am probably going to apply for american university and hope i get in. i have narrowed it down as of now to three schools.
SUNY at buffalo in buffalo NY
American University in DC
Colorado University in boulder CO

i have to check out some in wisconsin and chicago and maybe kalmazoo college but those are the main three. i am pretty excited to further my education after highschool and learn some real shit i can start applying to my everyday life and my further quest for knolege.

but what i am more excited about is i went shopping for my birthday gift with my dad today and i got a NEW BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is amazing. it is a felt SR-91 and it is black with yellow accents. it is so sweet and i want the weather to stop raining over here so i can take it for another ride.

oh and not alot of people have been talking about this show but
The Gates Of Slumber (sweet doom metal from out of town) http://www.myspace.com/thegatesofslumber
Death Valley Dragline (never heard them)
Ozenza (loud and heavy doom metal from around here)
it is at the daac and it starts at 8.

come check it out i will be their. it will be alot of fun.

also i really want to go to the "robot fest" on saterday to see holy mountain and pheonix bodies but i have to work. how i wish i could work what ever days i want but i can't. also michigan meltdown is coming up and you'll better have the fuckin cash to to get in because gas is rediculus and these bands are coming from a far ways.

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its been awhile [01 Apr 2006|09:17pm]
[ mood | tired ]

so i haven't updated this thing in awhile i have been busy. right now i am in philly. it is pretty awesome. i could see myself living in this city. today i went to the relapse records store and that was cool. they have rediculus amount of rare grind and metal and i made away with the first high on fire record along with the endless blockade/warzone womyn split lp, i also got repulsions horrified cd with rare shit. i also ate at this awesome restraunt that had made vegan and vegitarian sandwhiches and pizzas. it was so delicious. philly is definatly sweet. after tommorow we are heading to baltimore and then to DC. the east coast rules and i could see myself moving out here for sure. we will see how it works out though.

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michigan meltdown [12 Feb 2006|08:52pm]
here we go kids. save your money ahead of time because these bands are coming from along ways away.
black market fetus (grinding death metal from iowa)
magrudergrind (sick grinding thrash/powerviolence from dc)
disease called man (crusty grindcore from dc)
spoonful of vicodin (smokin grindcore/thrash/powerviolence from ny)
xbrainiax (star wars, blast beats, and video games from east michigan)
weekend nachos (pulverizing hardcore from chicago)
hombrinus dudes (old school grindcore in the ven of early earache stuff from grand rapids)
morihei ueshiba (bass and drum grinders from grand rapids)
sadistic slaughter (death metal grinders from grand rapids)

8 dollars
doors at 3 bands at 4
at the daac www.thedaac.org
it is going to be so awesome.

oh yea lucas drew an amazing flyer but i suck at posting pictures but they will be all over the place so look around for them.
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michigan meltdown [12 Feb 2006|08:32pm]
here we go kids. save your money ahead of time because these bands are coming from along ways away.

it is going to be so awesome.
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